Dance Festival 2017

Mr Simpson and Miss Kerr were fortunate enough to take a group of Year 6 children to take part in a series of School Game dance workshops before their appearance in the School Games Dance Festival Dance Styles in the evening.

During the afternoon the children took part in a pop workshop where they created a routine using balance and precision. They collaborated together admirably. After pop they entered a stomp contemporary dance workshop where they used their body percussion to create an energetic routine to popular music.

The children had the opportunity to practise their chosen dance piece. The children chose their own dance style of Egyptian due to links with their recent topic. They have enjoyed working with Debbie from The D Project and even created their own moves to the Egyptian disco beat.

Mr Simpson and Miss Kerr would like to thank every single one of our young performers for being so enthusiastic, energetic and superb role models for St George’s! Thank you Olivia, Jessica, Francesca, Lily, Amy, Bethany, Mary, Callum, Jacob, Danny, Will, Liam, Samuel and Yasmin.

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