Darlington Credit Union Young Savers

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am pleased to inform you that St George’s Church of England Academy has partnered with Darlington Credit Union to provide our students with access to a new and exciting Young Savers Scheme. Darlington Credit Union is committed to helping children save and learn about finances and we’re very excited about this opportunity to include your child in this journey.

Darlington Credit Union has modernised the way payments can be made to your child’s account as they understand that we are gradually turning into a cashless society. There are several ways for you to pay into your child’s account:

  • Pay in by card via Darlington Credit Union App/online banking
  • By bank transfer
  • You may still pay in cash at their branch at 41 Tubwell Row, Darlington.

Darlington Credit Union will be providing Certificates for “Super Savers” to reward them for their savings. There is no minimum or maximum amount you can save, as little as 20p per week soon adds up.

It’s easy for your child to join the Young Savers Scheme. Just log onto Darlington Credit Union website and complete the Young Savers application form under the Savings tab. Make sure you add your child’s school (for their rewards) and they will do the rest.

Once set up, you can start paying in straight away, it’s that simple.

We look forward to starting your child on the path to a bright financial future.

For more information please contact Darlington Credit Union on:

by phone
01325 529829

by e-mail

in person
41 Tubwell Row, Darlington, DL1 1PD
find us online




Yours faithfully

St Georges Church Of England Academy in partnership with Darlington Credit Union


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