Early Years – Mental Health Awareness Week – The Colour Monster – 18.5.2020

A Big Hello to our Early Years Children and Families,

Feelings are Important

As a Early Years department we purchased this book last year and we all immediately feel in love with it and what better time to share this book with you than at these uncertain times and during Mental Health Awareness Week.

It is called The Colour Monster:  A Pop up Book of Feelings by Anna Lienas. 

The book can be found on YouTube at the following link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih0iu80u04Y

It’s important for children to identify and express a wide range of feelings, while also understanding that others have feelings too!

Learning about feelings and emotions is part of developing positive self-esteem and better relationships with others.  As a child’s emotional intelligence grows, they are increasingly able to use their emotional information to guide their own thinking and behaviour, in other words to calm themselves down.  In our experience as early years practitioners, children who are able to name and understand their own feelings are able to handle the ups and downs of childhood with so much confidence and maturity than their peers who lacked that understanding.

What we love about The Colour Monster aside from the perfectly charming monster is that the author names each emotion and describes it and gives an example how it might feel.  She normalises the emotions and doesn’t label them as good or bad – they just ARE.  She repeats the format in three simple sentences for each of the emotions for sadness, anger, fear, calmness and happiness.

For example

This is sadness.  It’s gentle and blue like a rainy day.  When you’re sad you might want to cry or to be alone.”

This week you may want to share this book with your child and talk about their emotions and feelings.  You may want to encourage your child to draw or paint their own colour monster to reflect how they are feeling at that moment in time.  Or perhaps use lego or duplo bricks to create all the different colourful emotions from the story and use these models to talk to your children about how they are feeling during these uncertain times. 

Each class has their very own worry monster, he is a very greedy monster, if any of the children have a worry, they write it down on a piece paper and then place it in the Worry Monster’s mouth.  This monster is very clever as he eats our worries away and makes them disappear.  Perhaps if your child is feeling anxious during this uncertain period you could create your own worry monster.

If you share this book with your child, we would love to hear from you about what you both thought about this story and it’s messages regarding the different feelings  that we experience on a daily basis. If you are inspired to create your colour monster and to do any other activities regarding this story, please forward photos to the relevant email address.

We are missing you all and send you all a very big hug.  Stay safe and well. 

Lots of Love 

Mrs Taylor, Mrs Gent and Mrs Sykes xxx 



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