‘Finding our brave’ for children’s mental health week

Today, RG shared their stories about how they have been brave.

Lucas has been horse riding and had to have an operation on his belly button.

Emma uses her doll to stay brave at bedtime.

Stanley swam underwater when he was a tiny baby and has won 8 swimming badges.

Jacob was brave when he went on a huge monkey swing.

Phoebe has won a badge and a Swim Star certificate for her bravery when swimming.

Lydia went on the monkey swings with Jacob.

Ellis has a lovely teddy that helps him be brave on an early venting when he has to go to sleep.

Lola showed us her Little Ninja belt. Lola was nervous when she started Little Ninjas but she is getting braver ever week.

Charlotte told us a story about how she has got braver in the water. She used to slide into the pool on her bottom but now she jumps in.

Willow has also become much braver at the swimming baths and can now open her eyes under water.

Matilda won a badge for her bravery in the pool.

Evie won a certificate at swimming for being brave.

Franco has been in the ocean on holiday!

Eli was very brave when he did a BMX jump on his bike. His sister made him a certificate.

Sebastian was awarded a medal for going to football. He has to be brave when he plays football.

Faith had to be brave when she broke her arm. Her ’Snoosy’ helped her to feel brave.

Amelia received a certificate for being brave at the doctors.

Layla showed us the shells. She had to be very brave when she went in the sea.

Oscar showed us a sword.

Penny showed us her cards. Penny said she likes to play with them when she is on her own and wants to be brave.

William told us about jumping into the swimming pool stood up.

James showed us his favourite football. He has to be brave when he plays football.

Freddie showed us a toy that he thought was scary. He has to be brave to play with it.


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