Flu Vaccinations 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

This year’s response to the fu vaccination form is very low.  All children, with the exception of Nursery, are entitled to a flu vaccination in school.

If you wish for your child to have a flu vaccination, please complete the form via the link below.

Please note if the consent form has not been completed, the immunisation team will be unable to administer the vaccination.

Please can you also check you have your settings correct on the app for your child’s class so that information specific to you can be sent electroniocally, we have a number of parents still set up on last year’s classes.

Many thanks

St George’s Academy 


St. George’s Church of England Academy


Autumn 2021


Dear Parent/Guardian,


Protecting Children Against Influenza (Flu) and Complications


The nasal influenza vaccination is being offered to all children in Reception-Year 11. Our team is scheduled to visit St. George’s Church of England Academy this Autumn as part of this programme. If you would like your child to receive this immunisation in school, please ensure your consent form has been submitted within one week of receiving this letter.


Please see below for details of how to consent for your child, as well as answers to common questions about the influenza vaccination programme.


How do I give my consent?


  1. Go to https://www.hdft.nhs.uk/fluconsent/
  2. Enter the School Code 138000 and click “Find School”.
  3. Complete the form with your child’s information and parent/guardian contact information*.
  4. Click the green “Submit” button.


*If you provide a valid email address you will receive an automatic email confirmation to say your form has been submitted. We will also email you to let you know that your child has been vaccinated in school. If your child has specific medical requirements one of our nurses may need to get in touch before we are due to visit school. We never pass on your contact information to third parties.


Why is the influenza vaccine being offered?


This vaccination programme is in place to help protect your child against influenza (flu) and stop the spread of the virus within schools, families and the wider community. Influenza is an unpleasant illness that can lead to school absences and sometimes causes serious complications requiring hospitalisation.  Vaccinating your child doesn’t just project them – by helping to stop the spread of influenza this winter they will also be protecting vulnerable friends and family of all ages.


How is the influenza vaccine administered?


Unlike most vaccinations, the nasal influenza vaccine is a quick and simple spray up the nose. There are a small number of children for whom the nasal vaccine is not appropriate. In these cases we offer an intramuscular injection as an alternative. Please check the link below for more information.


Does the nasal influenza vaccine contain pork gelatine?

Can my child have the injection instead?


Yes, the nasal influenza vaccine contains trace amounts of porcine gelatine. If you would like your child to receive the injectable influenza vaccine, which does not contain porcine gelatine, please do not complete the online consent form. Instead, please give us a ring on 0300 003 2554. You will need to bring your child to a local community clinic as we cannot give the injection in school.


Where can I find out more?


Please visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/child-flu-vaccine for more information about the childhood influenza vaccination programme.


You can contact the childhood immunisations team on hdft.immunisationteam@nhs.net or 0300 003 2554 or 01423 557693. We are a small team and we cannot always answer the phone straight away, so please leave a message if there is no one available to take your call. We endeavor to respond to all queries within one working day.


Yours sincerely,


Childhood Immunisations Team

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