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Letter from the University of York

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are writing to tell you about an exciting science programme in which your child’s class will be involved.

As part of their regular science curriculum, the school is participating in an industry-focused science programme run by the University of York’s Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC), which seeks to teach primary school children about science within a real problem-solving context.  CIEC researchers will be studying the effect of this project on children’s attitudes to science and industry by asking children to complete a short questionnaire both before and after their participation in the programme.  More details about the research can be found in the below document.

During the school and/or industry sessions, photographs or video might be taken of the children during the discussions, group work, etc.  Some of these images may be given to the University of York to be used in promotional material or the media.  The Children’s names will not appear in any publications.

We would be greatful if you could complete the consent form below as soon as possible.

Should you have any queries about this project, or do not wish your child to be included in any images, please do not hesitate to contact the school.  You can also contact the CIEC researchers directly by email or telephone.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Estelia Borquez – Sanchez

CIEC Researcher Assistant 

Department of Chemistry, University of York

Heslington, York, YO10 5DD

Tel: 01904 322562



CIEC Administrator: 01904 322 523,

Information for Parents and Guardians about the research study

What is CCI, and why are doing the research?

The CIEC at the University of York has been delivering the Children Challenging Industry (CCI) programme since 1996.  CCI is aimed at teachers and children in primary schools, and science-based manufacturing companies in the UK.  CCI projects are part of the school’s regular science curriculum.  The research is designed to measure the effects of the CCI programme on both the teachers and the children involved.

What would this mean for your child?

We will ask your child, and their whole class, to tell us, through a questionnaire, about their attitudes to science and industry, and their experience of the CCI project.  This will take up to 15 minutes, both at the beginning and at the end of the project.  You can decide for your child not to be part of our research activities.  This means we would not include any of their data in the research work we do.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

Your child’s personal information will be handled separately from the information they provide in their questionnaire,  This means that your child’s identity will only be known to the researchers, and not shared anywhere,  The data we collect in the questionnaires may be used in anonymous format in different ways: reports, presentations, journal articles, and in public engagement activities.

Storing and using your child’s data

Data will be stored in secure filing cabinets and/or on a password protected computer.  Data will be anonymised as soon as data collection is complete, after which time any personally identifiable data will be destroyed.  Anonymised data may be kept and used for future analysis and shared for research or training purposes, but participants will not be identified individually.. We hope you will agree for your child’s data to be included, in anonymous form, in any information shared as a result of this research,  Any images in which your child features, with your permission, may be used by the University of York in promotional material or the media.


We do not expect our research to cause any of the children any stress from taking part.  It would, however, still be possible for your child to withdraw their participation individually at any time during the data collection.  The school and the researches hope that you are comfortable for your child to participate in the research as part of their science project activities, and for images to be taken of your child and used in CIEC promotional materials (their name would not appear with the picture or in the accompanying text).  If you are not happy for your child to participate, please sign the below form.  You can indicate for your child to be excluded from completing the questionnaire, or from appearing in images, or both.

We hope that you will agree to your child taking part.  If you have any questions about the research project that you would like to ask before giving consent or after the data collection, please feel free to contact Dr Estelia Borquez – Sanchez by email ( or by telephone on 01904 322562.

Please keep this information sheet for your own records.  Thank you for taking the time to read this information.

You only need to complete this form if you do not want your child to take part.

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