Live Online Communication – Policy and Permission

Dear Parents and Carers

Well done…you have made it to the end of a very challenging term.

Please try to enjoy the half-term holiday.

We just wanted to inform you of some recent changes to our remote learning offer from Monday 22nd February.

The Senior Leadership Team, alongside an external advisor, has conducted a formal review of our remote learning offer, taking on board various types of monitoring, including praise, comments and queries from parents/carers.

We will be offering live remote sessions from Monday 22nd February. Initially these sessions will be daily for around twenty to thirty minutes and will provide all children (whether working from home or school) to see their friends, their teacher and other staff. We do believe this will be beneficial for children and will give them the opportunity to reconnect with their friends. We do miss seeing all of the children’s faces. Staff are currently upskilling on Zoom, as this will be our preferred option going forward. Some staff understandably are a little apprehensive and we ask you all to be patient as there may be a few ‘glitches’ with the use of technology initially. Staff will be posting invites via our Dojo platform which will add an extra layer of security. These sessions will commence anytime within the week and we hope to have all sessions up and running by Wednesday.

In order to facilitate this new initiative, we must ensure that appropriate safeguarding in in place. Therefore, I would be grateful if you could read the below ‘Remote Communication Guidance and Policy’ and complete and return the form as soon as possible. The preferred method of returning the form is through the online form system within the App. If you have difficulty doing this please print it  and complete the form, take a picture of it and send a copy to the school office ( Paper copies may also be handed into school. Unfortunately, until these forms are returned children will not be able to take part in the virtual sessions.

In preparation for the sessions could we ask parents/carers to download the free Zoom App to their preferred devices. We do believe that Zoom may be accessed via Laptops, PCs, Tablets, Mobile phones and online gaming platforms (ie Xbox and PlayStation). Ideally the devices will need to have a camera and a speaker/microphone.

Thank you again for your continued support.



Mrs Gleeson and Mrs Pollard



Please read the guidance below carefully. This guidance is to complement the school’s Remote Learning policy which will be regularly reviewed. This guidance has been developed in conjunction with the school’s:

  • Safeguarding Policy
  • E-safety Policy
  • GDPR Policy
  • Behaviour policy

We are required to keep and process certain information about our staff members and pupils in accordance with our legal obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This guide establishes the expectations for online communication from St George’s C of E Academy and a pupil/ parent using a preferred platform call in their own home during self-isolation/ partial school closure.  Children who are being taught remotely should join their scheduled sessions through the specified platform as it happens in the classroom according to the invite from a staff member.


  • To ensure a high-quality shared communication experience for all involved
  • To make clear the responsibilities of all parties involved and how sessions will be delivered
  • To safeguard all parties involved meeting the statutory requirements of Keeping Children Safe In Education (2020)



Expectations of pupils

  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • Be punctual for live sessions.
  • Clear and appropriate language should be used at all times. Pupils should mute their microphone and if appropriate, may type questions into the chat window or raise their hand. Staff will then respond accordingly.
  • Ask the member of staff before leaving the session (e.g. to go to the toilet or get refreshments).
  • Do not take phone calls, message others, or use devices that are not requested by the member of staff for that session.
  • Do not have other browsers or apps open during the online session.
  • Follow the school’s online e-safety and behaviour policies applying the same expectations that we would use in a face-to-face encounter.

Expectations of parents / carers

  • Sessions will only take place during the specified times and parents should be aware of the time they will take place.
  • Ensure appropriate clothing is worn by the pupil.
  • Agreed working space must be approved by the parent/ carer before each session. This should be conducive to the activity and should not reveal any personal information.
  • Where possible, the parent/ carer must be within earshot of the session and always be aware that a session is taking place.
  • The parents / carer should not make any contributions to the session and should not be visible to the participants.
  • Ensure sessions are not recorded or screen shots taken, in line with our safeguarding procedures.
  • Follow the school’s online e-safety and behaviour policies applying the same expectations that we would use in a face-to-face encounter.
  • Invitations to sessions should not be shared with any other parties.
  • Live sessions must not be recorded.

Expectations of staff

  • Sessions will only take place during the specified times.
  • Staff will wear appropriate clothing as they would in school.
  • Staff will use clear and appropriate language at all times in line with our professional conduct expectations.
  • Staff will not have other browsers or apps open during the online session to reduce the risk of confidential information being displayed.
  • Staff will follow the school’s online e-safety and behaviour policies applying the same expectations that we would use in a face-to-face encounter.

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