Headlice Notification Class 2S

Dear Parents and Carers,

A Case of headlice has been reported in your child’s class, 2S.  Please see the information below.

How do you get head lice?

Head lice are spread by direct head to head contact.  They climb from one person’s hair to another.  They can’t fly or jump, and they don’t have a preference for dirty, clean, short or long hair.

How do you treat head lice?

The main treatments are lotions or sprays that kill head lice.  Treatments are available from pharmacies, supermarkets and online.

You don’t usually need to see your G.P.

Always check the pack or leaflet to see if a product is suitable for you and how to use correctly.

Head lice treatments are available for free from most pharmacies via the minor ailments scheme.  To access this scheme, visit your local pharmacy and show them the lice in your child’s hair.  Alternatively if this is embarrassing for you or your child, you could discreetly show them a louse stuck onto a piece of sellotape.

Head lice can also be removed with a specially designed comb.  This method is called wet combing.  Wash your child’s hair with ordinary shampoo, apply plenty of conditioner and comb or brush the hair to untangle it.  Then use a head lice comb to work through the hair in sections, combing from roots to ends.  Check the comb for lice each time, and remove any lice or eggs by wiping the comb with tissue paper or rinsing it.  Ensure the whole head is combed through at least twice or until no live lice or eggs are found.

Can you prevent head lice?

Lotions and sprays do not prevent head lice and should only be used if a live louse is found.  A child with head lice does not usually need  to take time off school.

It is difficult to prevent head lice, however getting into a routine of regular wet combing with a head lice comb is recommended.  For more information please see www.nhs.uk/conditions/head-lice

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