Healthy Carousel – Year 6

Today, the Year 6 children have worked through lots of different activities, learning about being healthy and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. 
They worked through a number of activities that can be seen in the photographs below.
They were able to learn about the importance of sleep and ways to relax on an evening – they were even able to experience a meditation session! 

They looked at having a balanced diet and the different portions sizes of the main food groups. They looked at food labels and tried to decipher what the labels mean. The children were also able to try a large sample of healthy snacks – most children tried something new, although I don’t think many were keen on the celery! 

Another activity station the children visited was the dentist. They were able to discuss healthy brushing, the different teeth in the mouth, the dangers of sugar and how much sugar there is in a variety of foods.

During the group discussion, we talked about making healthy choices and the dangers of peer pressure. The children discussed bad choices – such as smoking that others may choose as they get older and how to avoid being pressured into joining in.

We have learnt a lot!

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