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Good morning,

Here is todays work for those children who are learning from home today due to Covid related reasons.


Please write a thank you letter to Santa. We are concentrating on using connectives in our writing, especially the words ‘and’ or ‘because’. Please try and use these in your sentences. An example letter has been added to this post for you to read through first. Make sure you underline any words you cannot read or do not understand and discuss these with an adult. Your second task is to write a New Year’s Resolution. A template has been added to this post for you. A New Year’s resolution is something you intend to accomplish this year. It might be giving something up or it could be taking up a new hobby. Mrs Lyonette’s example of a New Year’s resolution in assembly yesterday was to drink more water! That is a very healthy choice.


In Maths we are recapping the number system up to 20. Please practise writing out the numbers 1-20 as words. You may also choose to work through the attached powerpoint and complete the Numicon worksheet. 


We are starting a new topic… Winter! We would like you to draw and write about all the things you know about Winter already on a piece of paper. This will be your baseline assessment and show your teacher where the gaps in your knowledge are. Some key questions to think about are; What do we wear in winter? What might you see in the garden in Winter? What is the weather like in winter? What happens in winter?

Have a great weekend!


Many thanks,

Year 1 Team 

2022 New Years Resolutions

Thank you Letter to Santa

-numicon-shapes-number-bonds-to-20-powerpoint Friday

-number-bonds-to-20-missing-numbers- Friday


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