Home Learning Year 1 10.1.22

Good morning, we hope you have enjoyed your weekend and are feeling ready to learn.

Please don’t worry if you can’t complete all of the work. We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different. 

Here is today’s work for those children who are home learning due to Covid related reasons. 

You will find a copy of some resources both below and on the Dojo. 


We will be using our senses to explore winter. Recap what the 5 senses are then walk around your garden or look out of your window to find examples of winter. What do you see, hear? etc. 

Senses Worksheet


Please read for at least 10 minutes and discuss what you have read with someone if you can. Can you answer questions about what you have read? 

Today we will be revising 4 ways to make ee. 

e – ea- ee -y 

Can you find examples of words using each way to make the sound? Say the sounds then read the word. 

We will also be learning 5 ways to make oo.

oo – ew – ue – u-e – o

Can you find a word for each way to make the oo sound? 


Supermovers – number bonds.

We will be using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to add 3 numbers. First, find and add the 2 numbers that make 10. Then add the third number. 

Monday – Bonds to 10


Throughout the term we will be investigating materials.

Today we will be looking around us to find objects and identify the  materials from which it is made.  

Please watch the ppt. below then create your own table with a list of objects around you and the material from which it is made. 

Everyday Materials Lesson 1

Take care and enjoy your day. 

Year 1 Team

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