HOPE The Christian Value of Hope is shown through Biblical writings. Christians see their hope in God’s promise “that love and goodness have, and will ultimately overcome all evil.” This hope is manifested in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Prayer for Hope

Dear God,

Thank you that you always look after us, and care for us whatever the situation we are in. Even when we have done wrong you still love us. You give us hope because you love us.


We read stories from The Bible to explore Hope:

  • God speaks to Abraham Genesis 12
  • God’s Promise to Abraham Genesis 13,15
  • Noah   Genesis 6-8
  • Jacob’s Dream Genesis 28
  • Story of Samuel 1 Samuel 1-3
  • The promised King Isaiah 9, Micah 5
  • The Lost Sheep Luke 15:3-7
  • Gabriel Visits Mary Luke 1
  • Palm Sunday Matthew 21
  • The Empty Tomb John 20
  • Jesus Ascends into Heaven Acts 1
  • The Unknown God Acts 17

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