Island Time!

Good  Morning Mum’s and Dad’s,

It can be quite intense with everyone at home full time at the moment, and trying to find a little space or time for yourselves.  An activity you might like to try at home with your children is “Island Time!”.  Lay a blanket or a throw down for each child.  This will be their island.  Only they are allowed on their island , no one else can come on your island – this is very important.  Each child and perhaps adult, is given a rucksack which they fill with everything they would like to take to their island.  This could include snacks, drawing things, books or toys.  Once your child’s bags are packed they are ready to row across to their island for some “Island Time!”  The length of time they spend on their island is dependant on your child’s age, trust your instincts as a parent as you know your child best as to how long you expect them to be able to play on their island independently for.  Children may find it easier to spend longer on their island if you have filled their love batteries up before hand.  This can be as simple as reading them s short story or just having a big hg before everyone gets packed for their journey to their island.  Hopefully, giving you a little breathing space to get done what you need to or just to enjoy a little time to yourself.  We hope this activity works for you and your family.




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