Key 3 – Exercising – Take care of your Body! 5.5.2020

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Key 3 – Exercising – Taking care of your body!

Taking care of your body is important for a happy mind!

Taking care of your body helps you to stay physically healthy and it’s also important for your happiness.  You can take care of your body in three main ways:

  • Moving more and sitting less.
  • Eating healthily (lots of fruit and vegetables and not much sugar)
  • Getting enough sleep.

Happy Fact – scientists have found that exercising regularly can improve brain power and help us learn.  It can boost our confidence to.

Quick Start – Get Moving

Exercising regularly and sitting less is important for happiness and feeling healthy.

So start NOW! Try hula hopping, star jumping, doing handstands, dancing energetically  or running on the spot for one minute as fast as you can!

How do you feel afterwards?

  • out of breath
  • more awake
  • more energised
  • happier
  • all of the above?

Circuit 100 Challenge 

Choose a place where you have a bit of space to move around – this could be a room in your home, your garden or yard.

Your aim is to do each of these four activities below and complete a circuit of 100 movements.  Make sure you count along. 

  • Do 25 star jumps.
  • Run on the spot for 25 steps.
  • Do 25 hops on one leg.
  • Reach down and touch your toes 25 times.

Time how long it takes you to so a set of all four activities.  Try to do your circuit every day and see how your time improves as you get fitter.

Eat a Rainbow – Make your own Fruit Sticks.

To have a healthy diet with lots of good nutrients and vitamins, it is important to try and eat a variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables every day. Here’s a colourful recipe to try.

You will need – a selection of colourful fruits, kitchen roll, wooden kebab sticks, chopping board, vegetable knife.

How to do it?

  1.  Gather a variety of colourful fruits.  For example, strawberries, an orange, a pineapple, a mango, kiwi fruit, grapes, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Can you find one fruit for each colour of the rainbow?
  2. Wash the fruit and pat dry with kitchen roll.
  3. Ask an adult to help you to chop up the larger fruits into small chunks using the vegetable knife and chopping board.
  4. Make a pile of each type of fruit and start adding them to your kebab sticks.
  5. Fill each stick with a mixture of fruits and it you like, use the colours to try out some different patterns.
  6. Share your fruit sticks with friends and family.

For another tasty treat, why not try making rainbow vegetables kebabs too.  Ask an adult to cook these on a BBQ or under the grill for you. 

Happy Sleep Habits

Make sleep is your superpower. Scientists say children need at least nine hours every night to feel happy and stay healthy.

Getting a good’s nights sleep is important for happiness.  If we have too little sleep, it can make us grumpy and easily upset and less able to concentrate and learn.  It can also mean we want to east sugary foods that aren’t good for us and make us less likely to want to exercise.

Top Tips for Sleep

  • Try and stick to a regular bedtime to help you to get to sleep faster and better
  • Have a milky drink and hour before bedtime.
  • Make your bedtime space, cosy, quiet and dark – light and noise can keep your brain wide awake, making it harder to fall asleep.
  • Switch off your tech! Devices like phones, tablets and laptops give out blue light that make your brain think its daylight, keeping you awake.  Apps, games and messaging keep your mind whirring rather than letting it rest.  So switch these all off a hour before you want to sleep and read a book instead.

Maximising your Movement

Health experts say kids need to do at least 60 minutes of moderate to high intensity physical activity every day.

Moderate Intensity activities include:

  • walking to school
  • riding a scooter
  • skateboarding
  • walking the dog
  • Cycling on flat ground

High Intensity activities include:

  • swimming
  • running
  • playing chase or football
  • dancing energetically
  • cycling fast or uphill

It’s good to do activities that make your muscles and bones stronger as well such as climbing, tennis, skipping, hopscotch and gymnastics.  Try and so some of these activities at least three times per week. 

Stay safe and well. xxx




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