Key 6 – Direction – Have Goals to look forward to – 11.5.2020

Hello St George’s

Do you have a dream?  If you could be or do anything you want, what would you choose?

Today’s key to happiness that we are focusing on is direction.   

Key 6 – Direction – Have Goals to look forward to

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” Ancient Poverb

Having goals to work towards and look forward to is an important part of happiness.  Goals are stepping stones that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be, and will help you turn your dreams into a reality.

Your goals can be as small as planning what to do tomorrow or as big as setting out to learn a new skill or visit a place, or even planning the career, you want when you are older.

It’s not just reaching our goals that brings happiness.  Setting and planning how we can reach them can help us  feel happy too!

Quick Start – Take a first step

Often the hardest part of reaching a goal is getting started.  even if your dream is big, you can start to achieve by taking one small step.

Pick one small thing you could do today that is a step towards one of your dreams … and do it!  For example, if you want to visit Paris when the lockdown is over find out about different ways to get there or write a list of the things you would like to see and do.

Dream Recipe

You can start turning a dream into a reality right now by thinking about the small steps you will need to take to make it happen, and the ingredients you may need along the way.  Think of it like a recipe for baking a cake!

Write a recipe for one of your dreams.  Ask a friend to do the same and find out about each other’s dreams.

Me in the Future

It can be helpful to have a vision of what you would like your future to be.  It may not always become a reality, but if you have a picture of where you want to be, you can set goals for how to get there! So it is more likely you can make your dream future come true!

Imagine yourself in 10 years time.  How old will you be?  What are you doing?  Who are you with?  Where do you live?   Draw a picture of what you imagine.

Roll a Goal!

Think about one of your goals and the steps you might need to reach it!  Make your own die using a sheet of A4 card, glue, scissors and the template here as a guide.  Each square should be about 6 x 6 cm.  Write an acivity on each side of the die that will help you achieve your goal.  Roll your die every day and do the step or activity that it lands on.  e.g. if you want to be a footballer.

Enjoy, stay safe, well and happy. xxx 





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