Key 7 – Resilence – Ways to Bounce Back

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Key 7 – Resilience Ways to Bounce Back

Being resilient is about how we deal with difficult situations and bounce back from tough times.  Difficulties are part of life  – everyone has ups and downs.  The good news is there are things you can do that can help you bounce back and be resilient.

Even if we feel happy, it doesn’t mean we won’t ever feel sad, angry, or lonely.  Those feelings are normal if, for example, we’re lost something or someone has been hurt.  Resilience is finding ways to manage those situations and feelings.

Bending but not Breaking

Think of a tree in the wind.  It doesn’t stay standing upright and stiff,  If it did, it would soon break.  Instead it bends under the pressure of the wind and it may even lose a few leaves.  Then when the wind stops, it becomes tall and stands straight again.

Being resilience is being like that tree.  When we are faced with difficult situations, it’s not about staying stiff and pretending everything is okay.  Instead, we bend – we feel sad or upset.  There are lots of things we can do so we don’t break and that can help us to bounce back again.

Top Tips – Ways to be Resilient

When you face difficulties remember these top tips.

If you feel angry, upset, anxious, or stressed pause and take a few deep breaths, in and out, focussing on your breath.  This can help you feel calmer and help you choose what to do next in response.

Get active and  go for a walk or a run.

Ask for help when you need it.

Find a safe adult or a good friend to talk to.

Take your mind off it by doing something you enjoy or are good at, or by helping someone else.

Happy Fact  – Psychologists call resilience ‘ordinary magic’ because we all have resilience and we can all develop more of it!

My Resilience Umbrella

Knowing who we can go to for help is part of resilience.  Like having an umbrella in the rain, other people can help us when we are struggling.  Who are the people or places that you can turn to for help.  These might be family members, teachers, other safe adults or good friends.  Draw a picture of an umbrella and write their names on it.  Remember that different people can help with different things.  Keep your resilience umbrella in a safe place for when you need it.

Resilience Snakes and Ladders

Do you know the board games Snakes and Ladders?  If you roll the die and land at the bottom of a ladder you can move up, but if you land on a snake, you must slide down to the bottom and move further away from the finish line.  Well that’s what happens in life – everyone has ups and downs.

Play with game of Resilience Snakes and Ladders with your family and friends.

How to Play:

  • When a player lands on a square with a snake, they say something they find difficult.  Then they move down the snake.  
  • When a player lands on a square with a ladder, they say something that helps them to bounce back.  They then move up the ladder.

Bounce-Back Balloons

Here’s a bouncy and fun way to give yourself a boost!  Blow up some balloons and grab a marker pen.

  • Think back to a tough time or a tricky situation that you coped with.  On each balloon write a thought or action that helped you get through this tough time.
  • Ask and adult to think of a time when they bounced back.  Find out what it was that helped them.  If any of these things could work for you, add them to your bounce-back balloons.
  • Tie some string or ribbon to your balloons and gather them into a bunch.  With so many uplifting and positive actions in your hand. you’ve got lots of ideas to help you bounce back!


Stay safe and well.







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