Key 8 – Emotions – Look for what’s good!

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Key 8 – Emotions – Look for what’s good!

Being in a happy mood doesn’t just feel good, it can do you good too!

When you are in a happy mood, you are more likely to be friendly and kind towards others.  You are also likely to think creatively, see more options  and be open to information and ideas.  Over time, these actions help you to build good relationships, learn more, be better at problem solving, be more resilient and HAVE MORE FUN!

Happy Fact 

Human Beings are more likely to notice things that are wrong than things that are right.  Our brains have evolved this way to keep us safe.  Training your brain to spot and remember the good things you see and experience can help you feel more happiness each day!

Quick Start – Experiment with Smiles

  • Smile at someone and see if they smile back
  • Smile at yourself in a mirror for one minute.  Does it change what you are feeling?
  • Set a friend with a smile challenge! Look into each other’s eyes.  Your task is to smile at them a lot and their task is not to smile.  See how long they can last!
  • What makes you smile.

Create A Positivity Pack

  • Collect together lots of things that help you feel pleasant or positive emotions.  You could collect pictures, photos, drawings, souvenirs, songs, poems. stories, video clips, etc.
  • Find a place to keep these things together – for example a box, scrapbook or on your computer.  You could decorate your box or scrapbook to make it special.
  • If you are feeling sad or need a boost of positivity, look back at your pack.
  • Don’t forget to add any new things you find!

Be a Happiness Collector

Try this for a fun way to train the brain.

How to do it:

  • Put a notebook and pen by your bed.
  • Each night for a week, before you go to sleep, think of three things you have enjoyed, were grateful for or were pleased about during the day!  Even the tiniest things count!
  • Write them in your notebook.
  • At the end of the week, look back over your list and remember all the good things you seen or felt.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Being thankful is a happiness super power.  Gratitude helps us appreciate what we have, what’s around us and help us to build concentration with others.

Gratitude is two parts – noticing something good and being thankful for it and where it comes from.  There are lots of different ways to be grateful.

Write a letter of gratitude

Think of someone you are really grateful you have in your life.  Write a letter to them saying why you appreciated them and what they have done for you.  Be sure to include how it has helped and made a difference for you.  Post it or read it aloud to them!


Stay safe and well. xxx




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