Key 9 – Acceptance – Be comfortabe with who you are – 14.5.2020

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Key 9 – Acceptance – Be comfortable with who you are!

Everyone is different.  That means we are all special. 

Do you focus more on what you do wrong or what you do right?  Do you compare yourself to others and dwell on what you don’t like about yourself.

Learning to accept who you are and making the most of your strengths is an important happiness skill.  It’s about treating yourself like you would a good friend.

Happy Fact – every single person has strengthens and weaknesses and everyone makes mistakes sometimes.  We’re all human.

Quick Start – Me at my Best!

Look at the sentences below and think of many different endings as you can .

  • I feel proud of myself when I ….
  • I am good at many things including  ….
  • I am special because …..

Strengths in the Spotlight

Strengths are the positive qualities people have.  They might be things that they are naturally good at or personal qualities that make a difference to others and the world around them.

Our strengths influence what we enjoy doing and what we find easier to learn.  Spotting, using and developing our own strengths is a helpful happiness skill.

What do you love and get energy from doing?  What do you find easy to learn and do?  Answering these questions will help you to discover  your own strengths.

There are lots of different strengths we can have, for example, being

  • kind
  • creative
  • flexible
  • generous
  • forgiving
  • caring
  • considerate
  • determined
  • patient
  • playful
  • respectful
  • thoughtful 
  • helpful
  • curious
  • practical
  • reliable
  • energetic
  • funny
  • hard-working

Turn your Inner Critic to your Inner Friend

Do you every think or tell yourself things like “I’m so stupid” or “I’ll never be any good when things go wrong.?”

Being critical of yourself can make you feel unhappy, so try telling your inner critic to be kinder.  remember everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  Things won’t go prefectly all the time and you can always learn from your mistakes. 

Top Tips:  Be a good friend to yourself

It’s natural to want to improve and it’s easy to think that the best way to do this is to focus on what you are not good at.  But this can damage your happiness!  Instead of criticising, try to be a good friend to yourself.

  • Celebrate what’s good about yourself by writing each of your strengths on a post it note and sticking them around your bedroom;
  • Start the day with a smile to yourself in the mirror.
  • When you are having a tough time, give yourself a hug!
  • If you mess up, remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes.
  • Think about what you could do differently next time.  Try using your top strengths to help you find ways to improve, learn and move on.

Enjoy.  Stay well and safe. xxx 





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