May The Force Be With You

May the force be with you – our stay at home superheroes

We have enjoyed seeing all of your rainbows 🌈.  A very big thank you to you all. “Tutto andrà bene” which means in Italian Everything will be okay.  We have been learning how the children in Northern Italy started making these rainbows with the phrase attached “tutto andrà bene” to stay connected with friends and family they couldn’t see. 

Just to let you know that the Stay at Home Superhero Story can now be found on You Tube at the following link:

Today’s challenge for our Stay at Home Superheroes is to make a light saber.  This could be adapted into sparkle writing (with a wand) Princess writing, Buzz Lightyear Laser Challenge (with a Buzz Lightyear glove made from a sports sock, a pen and some green insults ring tape) pirate (done with a cutlass) or perhaps a hippie vibe with artificial flowers and chiffon scarves!😂

Once you have made your lightsabers why not use them to practice your child’s letter formation and number formation. Talk to your child about where this letter or number starts and where it goes to next. You could draw the letter onto a wall or chalkboard and then get your child to ‘virtually’ draw them into the air. 

Our Magical Jar 

Why not have at a go at this. Mr Taylor and I trying it out. Every time we wish we could do something, go somewhere, treat ourselves, see someone we love, visit a new place, invite people to visit us, we’re going to write it down on a post it note and put it in a jar. Who could also get mummy and daddy to help you write messages to your friends or draw them pictures so that you can give them their messages when it is all over. When all this is over this will be our bucket list and we’ll work our way through the jar and be more grateful than ever for the little and lovely things in our lives. Until then we’ll enjoy watching the jar fill up with magical things to look forward to 🦄🦖🏖👵🏼 🧚‍♂️🧜‍♀️🧞‍♂️🏃🌈🤿⛸🎭🤹‍♂️🩰🎨🎸✈️🎢🏟

Staying in Contact with our Friends

Mrs Lawrance has taken a different approach she is helping Immie, her daughter, to make video messages on WhatsApp with her friends from school. 

While Emily is posting messages and pictures to her friends in Nursery. 

If you have any more ideas that you would like to share with your friends in Nursery please pass them on. 

Stay safe and happy especially our families who work for the NHS. 

Lots of Love from Mrs Lawrance and Mrs Taylor xxx 

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