Mindful Activities – Finding Calm – 11.5.2020

Hello St George’s,

This week our mindful activities, will focus on finding calm. Here are our first two activities.  We hope you enjoy trying them out.

Balanced Breathing – Steady yourself with your breath

  • Sit mindfully with your spine straight and body relaxed.  Take three soft, slow mindful breaths.
  • Press your fingers against one nostril to block it off.  Breathe in through your other nostril and hold your breath.
  • Now remove your fingers and block off your other nostril.  Breathe out slowly through the open nostril and breathe in again
  • Block the first nostril again.  Breathe out slowly through the open nostril and breathe in again. 
  • Continue switching side and breathe out and in three times on each side.
  • When you are done, relax your hands in your lap.  Take three more mindful breaths through both nostrils.
  • Take a moment to notice how you are feeling.

Shake the Sillies Out – Calm your wiggles

  • Stand still like a statue.  Breath in and hold your breath.
  • Breathe out and shake out your arms.  Shake them high.  Shake then low.
  • Shake out your legs.  Shake them this way.  Shake them that way.
  • Shake your body until it’s loose.  Shake, shake, shake your sillies out.  See them fly off you like droplets.
  • Flop down gently into a chair  or onto a mat.  Now let that last silly out:  “Ahhh!”
  • Take three soft, slow mindful breaths.  Fill your nose, your lungs and your tummy.  Then return to your day.

Enjoy, stay safe, well and happy.  xxx





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