Mindful Activities – Finding Calm – 13.5.2020

Hello St George’s,

We are continuing to look at mindful activities which focus on finding your calm.  We hope you enjoy these activities.

The Power of Blue – Soothe Hurt Feelings

  • Sit mindfully with your spine straight and your body relaxed.  Close your eyes and hold your hands over your heart, if you wish.
  • Breathe in and picture a blue ball of light pulsing inside your forehead.  Imagine it calming your thoughts.
  • Breathe out and picture the blue balls of light dropping into your throat.  Imagine it clearing any unkind thoughts and words.
  • Breathe in and see the blue light glowing brighter.  Breathe out and picture it dropping into your heart.  Imagine it soothing hurt feelings
  • Breathe in again and picture the blue filling your body.  Breathe out and feel it down your toes.
  • Sit with the blue light for a moment and let it glow inside of you.  You can take it with you when you finish this exercise.

Joyful Jellyfish – Let your fears float away

  • Lie down on a mat or blanket.  Let your arms rest loosely by your sides.
  • Close your eyes and notice your tummy rising and falling with your breathing.
  • Feel your muscles sinking into the floor beneath you.  Let your body be as still as possible.
  • Imagine you are a jellyfish floating in the water.
  • Now let your worries glide off your jelly body.  Feel them slip away in the water.
  • Float freely through the sea – nothing in your way, nothing holding you back.
  • When you are done, rise slowly, taking your joyful jellyfish heart with you.


Stay safe and well.  xx




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