Mindful Activities – Focus – 20.5.20

Hello St Georges,

Please find below two more activities to extend and maintain your focus.

Mind Magic – Stretch your imagination

  • Sit mindfully with your spine straight and your body relaxed.  Close your eyes and take three soft, slow, mindful breaths.
  • Imagine you are an animal.  Focus your attention on your skin and fur. Notice how it holds together all your animal muscles and bones.
  • Now imagine your skin stretching you into a new animal form.  What does it feel like?  Are you bigger or smaller?
  • Now imagine that instead of being just one animal you are three.  What does it feel like to breathe and move like three animals.
  • Now imagine all the animals disappear.  You are still there but invisible.  What does that feel like?  Where does your breath go when you are invisble?
  • When you are ready, open your eyes and notice your human body again.

Imagine yourself in new shapes trains your mind to be flexible.

Mental Snapshot – Play a memory game with friends

  • This is a game for two or more people.  You need a cloth or blanket and seven different objects such as pebbles, buttons , crayons or small toys.  Add more to make the game more challenging.
  • Sit together in a circle.  Choose a leader.  The leader sets out the seven objects close where everyone can see them.
  • Everyone in the group is given a minute to look at the objects and try to remember them all.
  • The leader covers the objects with a cloth or blanket, then takes one object away without letting anyone see it.
  • The leader removes the cloth or blanket and everyone looks again to figure out which object is missing.  Take turns being the leader.

Challenge:  Instead of taking one object away, the leader places the objects in a row and writes down the order of objects, then mixes them up.  The Team works together to place them back in the right order.

Enjoy.  Stay safe and well. xxx 


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