Mindful Activities – Focus – 21.5.2020

Hello St George’s,

Open Ears – Build your listening skills

This is an activity for two or more people.  You need a ball, a chime or something that makes a ringing sound.

  • Sit mindfully in a circle with spines straight and bodies relaxed.
  • Choose a leader.  The others close their eyes and take three soft, slow mindful breaths.
  • The leader rings the bell or other object.
  • Listeners pay attention to the sound.  Notice how it fills the room.  Raise your hand  when the sound is gone.
  • Put down your hand and focus your attention on the other sounds you hear, close by and far away.
  • The leader gives you time to listen and rings the bell again to signal listeners to open their eyes.  Talk about the sounds you heard.

You have been training your ears and brain to work together.

The Nose Knows – Sharpen your sense of smell.

This is an activity for two or more people.  Fill a bag with objects that have a strong natural scent, like flowers, spices or foods.  Do not use chemicals, perfume or dirty objects. Check for allergies first.

  • Sit in a circle.  Choose a leader and a sniffer.
  • The sniffer closes their eyes.  Then the leader picks an objects and holds it under the sniffer’s nose.
  • The sniffer breathes in and tries to guess what the object is.  Say.  “The nose knows!” when you are ready to guess.
  • If the answer is right, the sniffer becomes the leader.  If the answer is wrong, each player gives the sniffer a clue until the guess is correct.
  • Play until everyone has been the leader or the sniffer.

The five senses of taste, touch, smell and hearing and seeing are connected to your brain.  Paying attention to your sense of smell is one way to be more mindful.

Enjoy.  Stay well and safe. xxx


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