Mindful Activities of the Day – 5.5.2020

Hello St George’s

“The practice of Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now.”

We are continuing to focus on activities that help to prepare the mind and the body at the start of the day.

Rooted like a Tree – Find your Ground 

  1.  Stand with your feet together and your arms by your sides, keep your eyes open
  2. Imagine tree roots growing from the bottom of your feet down into the earth.  Feel connected to the ground.
  3. Slowly lift one foot and press the bottom of it against the ankle of your other leg
  4. Clasp your hands together in front of you, with just your pointer fingers extended.  Lift your clasped hands over your head.
  5. Balance and relax into the position and smile.  You are rooted like a tree.
  6. Lower your arms and try balancing on your other foot.  Do you feel any difference?

If you wobble that is okay.  Trees sway in the wind but roots keep them balanced and steady all day.

Challenge – try lifting your foot higher and pressing it against the inner thigh of your other leg.

Inhaling the Universe – Connect to the World Around You.

  1. Stand with your feet wide apart.  Raise your toes up and lower them again. Feel the bottoms of your feet on the floor.
  2. Raise your arms as high as you can, fingeres spread and breathe in deeply.  Hold your breadth.
  3. Bend forward, breathe out and say a big “Ahhhh”.  Swing your arms down by your side.
  4. Breathe in and imagine scooping the entire universe into your arms and over your head as you stand up again.  Hold your breath and imagine showering yourself with stars, planets and space.
  5. Bend forward, releasing your breath with another “Ahhhh”
  6. Imagine scooping the universe up and over your head two more times.
  7. end your exercise by taking three soft, slow mindful breadths.  Remember you are an important part of the universe.

Tip – you can try this activity seated.

Stay safe and well.




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