Mindful Activities to start the day – 6.5.2020

Good Morning St George’s,

This morning we are continuing to focus on mindful activities to start our day. 

Mindful Jungle Movement – Pay attention to the way you move.

  1.  Stand mindfully with your arms relaxed by your sides.  Take three soft, slow mindful breaths.  Keep your eyes open.
  2. Tighten and relax the muscles in your toes, ankles and legs.  Lift one foot and feel your muscles working.
  3. Imagine you are an animal in a jungle begin walking silently through the jungle.  Try not to make a sound.
  4. Feel your toes helping you balance.  Feel your weight in your heels.  Move your arms in a slow sway.
  5. If you start daydreaming pay attention to your feet again.
  6. Move slowly across the room.  Notice how your hips swivel and your weight shifts when you turn.
  7. Cross the room three times, paying full attention to how you move.

Tip – If you use any equipment to help you move, notice how it feels and how your weight shifts when you use it.

Cloud Burst – Melt away a grumpy mood

  1.  Sit mindfully with your spine straught and body relaxed  Take three soft, slow mindful breaths.
  2. Imagine your grumpy mood as dark clouds around your head.  We all have clouds sometimes.
  3. Now think of something that usually makes you happy.  Your happy thought is like a rainbow streaming through the clouds.
  4. See the rainbow melting into you as ribbons of bright light.  Feel the bright light inside of you.  Sometimes the light bursts the clouds open.  Sometimes the clouds want to stay.  Tha’s okay.  You can be patient with your clouds.
  5. Either way, end this exercise when you fel ready to face the day.

Stay happy and well.  xx 



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