Mindful Activity 1 – Mindful Breaths

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness means paying attention, with kindness and patience, to what’s going on inside and outside of you right NOW.  The term “monkey mind” means feeling restless, agitated and distracted.  A goal of mindfulness practice is to calm the constant chatter of the monkey mind. 

How do I become mindful?

You can be mindful by noticing your breathing, focusing your attention, expanding your awareness and by being patient even when things are hard.

Mindful Breaths

Today or tomorrow you may like to start your day with some Mindful Breathing to wake up your mind and body.

  1.  Sit mindfully with your spine straight and body relaxed.
  2. Every morning, notice your breathing take three soft, slow, mindful breaths and feel them in your body.
  3. Breath in and feel air coming in your nose.  Does it feel soft in your nostrils? Breathe out and count one.
  4. Breathe in and notice air filling your lungs.  Does your ribcage go out?  Breathe out and count two.
  5. Breathe in and see the air expanding your middle.  Does your tummy look round like a ball?  Breathe out and count three.
  6.  Repeat for two more rounds of breathing into your nose, lungs and tummy.  Breathe mindfully to feel awake and ready for the day.

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