Mindfulness Activities – Open your Heart

Hello St Georges,

Please find the last five activities which focus on opening your heart.  This ends  your series on  mindfulness were hope you have enjoyed trying some of these activities out.

Everything changes – Watch the flow of life

  • have you every noticed that things change every day, like the weather?  Perhaps a tree as a new bud or a flower has wilted.  or your toenails are longer than they were last week.  Or a new student has joined your class.
  • Some changes are big and some are small.  You might feel happy about some changes and sad about others.  That’s okay.
  • Look around you and find one thing that has changed.  Maybe the sunny sky of the morning is still sunny.  Maybe a bird you saw outside has flown away.  What do you see?
  • Write, draw or tell someone how you feel about these changes.

Sitting With It – Ease  minor aches and pains.

Always talk to a grown up first about what hurts.

  • Sit mindfully with your spine straight and body relaxed.  Close your eyes.  Take three soft, slow mindful breaths.
  • Notice the pain and discomfort you have.  What does it feel like in your body?  Does it feel hot?  Itchy?  Sharp?  Achy?  Stinging?
  • Now notice if you are squeezing your muscles tightly because of the pain.  If so, take more soft, slow mindful breaths and relax your muscles.
  • Think about the pain as a friend who needs to tell you something important.  The pain talks about being hot, achy, itchy, sharp or stinging.
  • Pay attention.  Your pain sensations might change.  Sometimes they grow stronger or weaker.  Sometimes they fade aware.
  • Finish when you notice the pain changing, even just a little bit, and open your eyes.

Name that Feeing – Explore feelings in a fun way

This is an activity for two or mote people

People have feelings every day.  You might feel happy, sad, angry, surprised, excited or scared, to name a few examples.  When you feel a certain way, your face and body might show it.  You might smile or cry.  You might open your mouth and eyes wide, or hunch over and look down.

  • One person picks up a feeling and acts it out without talking.
  • The others guess the feeling.  Then each person describes a time when they have had that feeling.
  • Each person takes a turn acting out a feeling.

Loving-Kindness – Greet people with peace in your heart.

  • Sit mindfully with your spine straight and body relaxed.
  • Hold your hand over your heart and repeat to yourself “May I be happy.  May I be safe.  May I be peaceful.  May I be kind.”
  • Now think of a friend or family member.  Repeat to yourself:  “May you be happy.  May you be safe.  May you be peaceful. May you be kind.”
  • Now imagine people you don’t know yet.  Repeat to yourself.  “May you all be happy.  May you all be safe.  May you all be peaceful.  May you all be kind.”
  • Continue your day knowing that everyone wants to be happy just like you.

Sharing Friendship – spread compassion in the world.

  • Sit mindfully with your spine straight and your body relaxed.  Close your eyes.  Take three soft mindful breaths.
  • Think of someone or something that makes you happy.  Maybe it’s a person you love or a special pet.
  • Imagine your feelings for that person or pet as golden rays of light in your heart.  Breathe in and out , and imagine sending the golden light  to a friend who needs kindness.  See your friend smiling.
  • With your next out-breath send your golden light to someone you don’t know very well.  See that person receive your light.
  • Now breathe in and out, and share your golden rays with someone you feel grumpy towards. Watch your kindness help that person.
  • Finally share your golden light with everyone in the world.  Imagine everyone laughing together.
  • Smile with that happy feeling.  Take three more soft, slow mindful breaths before you open your eyes.

Enjoy.  Stay safe and well. xxx


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