Mindfulness – Focus – 22.5.2020

Hello St Georges,

Please find the final two exercises in the focus section of our Mindfulness Activities.

Sharp Eyes – Strengthen your Observational Skills

This is an activity for three or more people.

  • Sit in a circle.  Choose one person to be the detective.  The others close their eyes.
  • The detective hunts arounds the room and finds something small that other people might not notice.
  • When ready, the detective says:  “Sharp eyes!”  The others open their eyes.
  • The detective gives clues.  Describe the size and shape of the object.  (Don’t give it away by looking at it!)
  • The first person to guess the objects becomes the next detective.  It nobody guesses correctly, the detective points out the objects and takes another turn.
  • Let everyone have a turn as the detective.

Mindful Munch – Pay attention when you eat

  • Try this when you can take your time eating a snack or meal.
  • Before you eat, take three soft slow mindful breaths.
  • Sniff the food you are about to eat.  What does it smell like?
  • Look at it carefully.  Notice the texture.  Does it look hard and crunchy?  Soft and mushy?  Or in between?
  • Take one bite and chew slowly until your food is like a paste.  Is it sweet or salty?  Does the taste change as you chew?
  • Swallow your food.  What sensations do you feel in your body as you eat?

How was your mindful munch different from the way you normally eat?  Can you eat your whole snack or meal this way?

Enjoy.  Stay safe and well.  xxx



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