Mindfulness – Rest and Relax – 25.5.2020

Hello St Georges,

Today we are looking at mindfulness activities that promote rest and relaxation. 

Safekeeping – Set your worries aside.

You will need paper and a pen, markers or crayons.

  • Write your worry down or draw it on a piece of paper.  Or you could ask a grown-up to write it down.
  • Put it in a safe place, such as a special box or drawer where you can find it again.
  • You don’t need your worry when you play, eat or sleep.
  • You can throw your worry away if you don’t need it anymore.

Rock, Roll and Rest – Stretch your spine.

  • Lie on a mat or blanket!  Hug your knees to your chest and close your eyes.
  • Rock sideways, left and right.  Breathe in a calming pale blue.  Breathe out a fiery red.  Let your body relax.
  • Roll forward and back three times.  Breathe in your calming blue.  Breathe out your fiery red.
  • Keep rocking and rolling until you are full of calming blue.
  • Stretch out your legs and let them rest on the floor.  Let your arms relax by your sides.  Feel your body sink into the floor.
  • Take three soft, slow mindful breaths.  Open your eyes, roll to your side and stand up.

Floating Smiles – Let happiness flow over you.

  • Lie on a mat, blanket or bed.  Close your eyes and breathe softy and slowly and mindfully.
  • Imagine you are floating on a raft down a gentle stream.  If a thought comes into your mind, let it float away like a leaf on the water.
  • Smile with each breath.  Notice how your face changes.  Do you cheeks move up?  Do your lips open?  Does your jaw relax when you smile?  Do your eyes lift?
  • Keep breathing and smiling.  Pay attention to any changes in your body.  Can you feel your smile in your heart?
  • Relax on you raft for as long as you need.  You can take your inner smile with you when you end this exercise.

I am Thankful – Find gratitude

You will need paper and a pen, markers or crayons

  • Before you go to sleep, think about somebody or something you love, or something wonderful that happened to you.
  • Maybe you are thankful for being with a relative, sharing a family meal or making a new friend.  Write or draw about it.
  • You could also ask a grown up to write it down for you.
  • Take three soft, slow mindful breaths and feel thankful.
  • Keep your gratitude message or drawing beside your bed.  Look it again when you wake up.  It can remind you of the good things in your life.

Squeeze and Release – Let go of stress.

  • Lie on a mat, blanket or bed.  Close your eyes and breathe softly, slowly and mindfully.
  • Notice your feet.  Wiggle your toes.  Imagine they have a golden glow.  Squeeze the muscles in your feet tight, hold and release.
  • Now imagine the golden glow moving up your body from part to part.
  • Slowly squeeze and release each golden body part one at a time – tummy, arms, shoulders, neck and face.
  • When you finish take three soft, slow mindful breaths and feel your body sink into the mat, blanket or bed beneath you. If it is time to sleep, let yourself drift off.

Enjoy.  Stay safe and well.  xxx






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