Nursery – Home Challenge – Number Walk -2.11.2020


This week’s home challenge is a Number Walk.

What you need:

  • A clipboard or book to lean on
  • A piece of paper with some numbers written on
  • Pen
  • Camera

What to do:

  • Talk about where you might see numbers, road signs, bus numbers , car registration plates, clock faces etc.
  • Go for a walk in your local area and look for numbers
  • Every time your child finds a number encourage them to identify it out loud and see if they can find another one the same.
  • Can your child write any of the numbers that they see?
  • Take some photos of the numbers that you see together so that you can go back and talk about the activity later.

Top Tip

  • Take time to point out numbers that are relevant to your child.  Talk about their age and what that number looks like.  Look at your door number and see if you can find another house with the same number.

Taking it forward

  • Play a game of snap with a pack of cards.  Take the picture cards out first and then see if your child can recognise the numerals on the remaining cards.
  • Chalk a game of hopscotch outside and ask your child to say the number they are jumping to.

If you could email us any photos of your child completing this activity along with any response that would be great and then we can add these to your child’s seesaw learning journal. We look forward to receiving your emails.  Our email address is

Have fun but stay safe and well.

Lots of love from Mrs Lawrance, Mrs Wake and Mrs Taylor xxx


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