Nursery – Remote Learning – Magic Puddles – 22.10.2020

Hello our Stay at Home Superheroes,

This post is for children and families who are unable to attend Nursery due to COVID-19 reasons.  We hope you enjoy this activity it is one of our favourites.

What you need:

Wellies, a small pot of cooking oil, glitter, flower petals, coloured chalk and paper

Top Tip

If there are no puddles to be found you can make your own by lining a cardboard box with a plastic bag, taping around the edges and then filling it with water.

What to do:

  • Go outside on a rainy day and look for big puddles.
  • Look for things that might float in your puddles and items that will sink.
  • Try drawing on wet ground with chalk, or crushing it under foot and adding it to the puddle for a splash of colour.
  • Add petals, glitter, leaves etc. to complete your magic puddle.  Stirring with a stick will create a different effect.
  • Show your child how to fold the paper to make a boat.  Float it across your puddle.
  • Take a big leap together and jump in your puddle.

Taking it forward:

To create magical puddle potions add some baking soda and vinegar transforming an ordinary puddle into a fascinating science lesson.

Please send your updates to We look forward to receiving them.

Have fun but stay safe and well.

Lots of Love from Mrs Lawrance, Mrs Wake and Mrs Taylor xxx




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