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Please select your child’s class below and then select a time slot. You will then be asked to confirm this selection before being taken to the final step. Here you need to add your full child’s name, your full name and enter your email address.

Please note you can only add 1 child at once, for multiple children you will need to repeat the steps above.

Slots are available on a first come first served basis.


Parents Evening Booking Form -

Class RS Mrs Gent

Parents evening for RS Mrs Gent fully booked

Class RG Mrs Sykes

Parents evening for RG Mrs Sykes fully booked

Class 1S Miss Robinson

Parents evening for 1S Miss Robinson fully booked

Class 1G Mrs Baker / Mrs Bentley

Parents evening for 1G Mrs Baker / Mrs Bentley fully booked

Class 2S Mrs Lyonette

Parents evening for 2S Mrs Lyonette fully booked

Class 2G Mrs Brack

Parents evening for 2G Mrs Brack fully booked

Class 3G Mr Mackenzie

Parents evening for 3G Mr Mackenzie fully booked

Class 3/4S Miss Ward / Miss Cavanagh

Parents evening for 3/4S Miss Ward / Miss Cavanagh fully booked

Class 4S Miss Parkington

Parents evening for 4S Miss Parkington fully booked

Class 4/5S Mr Clarke

Parents evening for 4/5S Mr Clarke fully booked

Class 5G Mr Simpson

Parents evening for 5G Mr Simpson fully booked

Class 6S Mr I'Anson

Parents evening for 6S Mr I'Anson fully booked

Class 6G Mrs Cox

Parents evening for 6G Mrs Cox fully booked

Class Mr Clarke 4/5S

Parents evening for Mr Clarke 4/5S fully booked

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