RS & RG Home Learning 23.11.20

Hi everyone,

Here are the activities for our first day of home learning! Again, this home learning is for those children who have been asked to isolate only.


To get those funky fingers warmed up and ready for the day, I would like you to join in with our ‘Dough Disco’! If you don’t have any play dough to hand, you can always use a pair of rolled up socks!

‘I Like To’ – Dough Disco

Today we are going to be practising the ‘f/ff’ sound and also learning a brand new sound… ‘ow’!

Watch these videos below to, firstly remind yourself of the f/ff sound, and secondly to learn how to say our brand new sound ‘ow’! Can you remember what we call a sound which is made up of two letters?

f/ff sound

OW sound

Now it’s time to practise writing our new sound. Can you have a go using the sheets below? If you don’t have a printer, you can still copy the sound onto some paper to practise. (You don’t need to do all 3 sheets, just the one you think is best to help you practise!).

Letter formation – f/ff  

Letter formation – ow

Now we have practised writing the sound, it is time to try writing some ‘f/ff’ and ‘ow’ words. Have a look at the lists below, see if you can sound out and blend the words and then copy  them down in your neatest writing! Some of you might even want to try and write your words in a sentence!

Alphablocks ow



To get you ready for some Maths, I would like you to try and ‘Count to 100’!

Count to 100

Today we are going to be learning all about finding ‘less’. Can you have a go at the game below to see if you can work out which group of toys has more/less?

Remember – less means smaller

                        more means bigger

More or Less? (powerpoint)

Now see if you can have a go at the sheet below to circle which group has ‘less’. If you don’t have a printer, you can make your own groups of objects from around your house to compare, or you could even draw them yourself!

If you are feeling extra confident, you could even try and write the number of butterflies in each group next to the circles.

Less Than

If you would like even more of a challenge, see if you can make up your own ‘less than’ questions using objects around your house. You could even test your adult to see if they get it right!


For today’s story, I have chosen one of our favourites… ‘The Queen’s Knickers’!! Check back on this post this afternoon for the link.


I wonder which activity you will choose to do first from the ‘I Can’ grid?


Don’t forget to send us pictures and keep us updated with what you have been doing at home! –

See you again tomorrow! 🙂

Miss Robinson & Mrs Gent x

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