RS Home Learning 13.07.21

Hello everyone!

This evening I have set some optional Mathematics and Literacy tasks for tomorrow. I am very much looking forward to seeing you on our scheduled Zoom meeting.


Sports Day Maths

You will need at least five balls (you can increase this number depending on your child’s confidence) and two containers/boxes/hoops where they can be thrown.

Now watch the video ‘Sports Day’ here and join in to see how many different ways you can make 5, this can of course be extended to 10 or 20 depending on your confidence.

Summer activity 2.2 on Vimeo


  1. Practise reading words containing all of our phase 3 sounds using one of our favourite games ‘Obb and Bob’ – Picnic on Pluto (
  2. Adult to write down the alphabet, point to different letters and name them.
  3. Adult to say a word with two syllables (beats), child to write it on a whiteboard. Show them the word and child to tick the letters they got right or correct any mistakes e.g visit, jacket, cobweb, wicked, exit, zigzag, liquid, towel, poison
  4. Play yes/no questions- child to try reading the sentence, then show thumbs up or down:

Can a bus go down a road? Will you meet a shark in the park? Will a rat wait for a bus?

Thank you for your patience and support today,

Mrs Gent xx

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