RS Home Learning 15.07.21 & 16.07.21

Good Morning!

Please find some optional Mathematics and Literacy tasks for Thursday attached as well as a couple of Zoom meetings planned for Thursday and Friday.  

I have scheduled two Zoom meetings, both at 10am on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday we are going to try some guided drawing! You will need one piece of paper, a pencil and your best listening ears!

On Friday I am going to share a special video with you and hopefully your parent/s if they can make it too. This video is a little celebration of how wonderful you all are. It is a chance for me to say thank you to you all too.

Please find the link for both Zooms in your email or on Seesaw.


Thursday Literacy and Mathematics Activities:


You will need: Paper and pencil to engage with some subtraction number sentences. You may wish to write the number sentence and answer down as you work your way through the video, and perhaps even make your own!

Now watch the video ‘Who Want’s An Ice Cream?’.


  1. Practise writing your name! (can you write your surname too?)
  2. Adult to write down the alphabet, point to different letters and name them.
  3. Play Dragon’s Den- adult to select “Phase 3” games, select “Dragon’s Den 3”, press “Start”, press “Phase 3”, select “Revise all Phase 3”.

Dragon’s Den can be found here…Dragons Den (

In addition to the above, please do keep accessing Lexia and the Mathletics app (unfortunately I have not got the logins with me for Mathletics) and keep reading your own reading materials at home. This is something I would continue to maintain over the summer if possible.

Thank you for a wonderful year,

Mrs Gent xx

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