RS & RG Home Learning 24.11.20

Good morning,

I hope you all had a good day yesterday and are ready for Day 2 of our ‘home learning’!


We did have some technical issues yesterday, so unfortunately we could not upload the story. 🙁 However, the issue is now sorted so today you will be able to have two stories!

The Queen’s Knickers

Click Clack Crocodile’s Back


To get ourselves warmed up and ready for the day today, let’s join in with some of our favourite ‘Dance n Beats’ songs. Which one is your favourite?

Pizza Dough Boogie

Big, Blue Whale

Plant a Seed



Before we look at our new sound for today, let’s see how many of our Phase 2 sounds we can remember. Try and say the sound before it is said on the video!

Phase 2 sounds recap

Well done!!!

Today we are going to be practising the ‘u’ sound and learning a brand new digraph – ‘or’. Can you remember what a digraph is?

u sound

or sound

First of all, can you have a go at writing the sounds like we do in our handwriting books?

u handwriting

or handwriting

Instead of writing the words today, we would like you to have a go at reading them and matching them to the correct picture. If you don’t have a printer, write the word out and copy the picture next to the word.

u matching

or matching


Today in Maths we are going to start looking at subtraction/take away. Remember – when you subtract/take away, the number gets smaller!

Have a look at these ‘Three Little Pigs’ subtraction sentences and see if you can work out the answer. Then have a go at the subtraction worksheet below. When you subtract, remember to cross out how many you are taking away and count what is left. If you don’t have a printer, re-create the subtraction sentences using objects around your home and work out the answers.

Three Little Pigs Subtraction

Subtraction (up to 5)

Subtraction (up to 10)

Subtraction (up to 15)

Subtraction – even harder!

Choose whichever sheet you feel most confident with! If you aren’t sure which one would be best, send me a quick email at and I can let you know which one to use.


Thank you so much to the children who have already sent pictures and updates in! They are keeping us smiling! Don’t forget to keep sending us updates and pictures to show us how you are getting on at home. Thank you so much to the children who have already sent pictures in! They are keeping us smiling!!


See you all again tomorrow 🙂

Miss Robinson & Mrs Gent x 






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