RS & RG Home Learning 26.11.20

Good morning!

Day 4 of ‘home learning’, here we go…


Today’s story will be ‘Spider Sandwiches’! Remember to check back this afternoon after it has been uploaded!

This morning we would like you to take part in some ‘Shake Breaks’ to wake up your brain and get your body moving!

Reggie’s Shake Break

Banana Banana Meatballs

Super Mario


Before we learn our new sounds for today, we are going to practise our tricky words. Can you remember them? See if you can write them down without looking!

Tricky Word Rap

Well done!! 

Today we are going to be practising the ‘h’ sound and learning the ‘oi/oy’ sound. If a sound is made up of 2 letters, what do we call it? Well done, it’s a digraph!

h sound

oi/oy sound

Now can you have a go at writing the sounds like we do in class? Remember – you don’t need to practise both!

h handwriting

oi handwriting

After you have practised writing the sounds, we would like you to try and read these ‘h’ and ‘oi/oy’ words and match them to the correct picture.

h matching

oi/oy matching



To get yourself warmed up for Maths today, let’s practise counting to 100!

Count to 100

Well done for working so hard with your subtraction this week! Today we would like you to use your subtraction skills to see if you can find the change from amounts of money. Remember to cross out the number of coins you are taking away, and then count how many you have left to find your answer.

Finding Change 1

Finding Change 2

Finding Change 3

Remember – You don’t need to do all 3 of these, only the one that you feel comfortable with!


A huge thank you to everyone who has sent us pictures and updates so far, we love to see what you have been doing and can’t wait to share them with everyone in our ‘Shout out’ post tomorrow! Keep up the hard work! 🙂


Miss Robinson & Mrs Gent x



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