St George’s CE Academy – February Newsletter 

Here’s a round up of some of the learning and activities going on in school. 

In 3G, we have started our new topic in Science -Light. The children had placed objects under a box and put holes in to see if it let in enough light to see the objects when looking through. We then tried using the torch and looking through to see if this helped. The children experimented putting the torch through different holes and changing where they looked through. They recorded their observations. 

Here are some pictures of Year 4 making and displaying their Roman shields. Mr Dobson then described all of the different types of armour and weaponry used. They then went out on to the playground and Mr Dobson explained the different types of marches and formations that they were expected to carry out in the Roman army. 


We have been encouraging and supporting the children in Nursery to write their names independently through our theme of Winter.  They have really enjoyed exploring their names through a wide range of materials and media.  The children have been using the light box with white and black glitter.  We have also been practicing writing our names in fake snow and snow dough and have made some sequin snowflake and snowman names.  Here are some examples of our name writing below.   

Year 1 have been learning about Jewish festivals and traditions including Tu B’Shevat. Shevat is the Jewish ‘New Year for Trees’ and is celebrated by people around the world in January. We designed our own beautiful trees to celebrate Shevat and we also tried lots of delicious fruits including figs, olives, cherries and oranges! Thumbs up if you love them!! Well done Year 1 for giving new things a go. 

In 5S the children have worked really hard and presented their homework in various different ways, including poster displays and PowerPoints. Here’s Henry, Luca and Benji with their work. 

Children in Class 5G have really enjoyed the tricky perimeter work they have been doing recently in our maths lessons. They have worked collaboratively to solve these very challenging problems. 

In 6G the children have been enjoying learning about navigating news articles in PSHE. They have considered how to protect themselves from the news and how to spot fake news. We had a fantastic time voting on whether we believed certain headlines were fake or real and discussed how we could spot the fiction from the facts! 


In Class 6S we have been working on the Kingdom of God. We have been looking at what is currently wrong with the world and what we can all try to do to make the world a better place. The children had some wonderful thoughts and ideas from donating to charity, helping those less fortunate and being kind to others. 


In 2S, the children have been working with their partners to create a paired balance. 




RS have been listening to the story of ‘David and Goliath’ as part of their R.E unit, ‘Which stories are special and why?’ Goliath appeared in our classroom! We enjoyed retelling the story, recalling key vocabulary, Jesus’s teachings about keeping promises…as well as practising our aiming skills!  




Big Blue Book of Brilliance  

St George’s would like to celebrate the following achievements! We are so very proud of Henry, Sienna and Warren.  Keep up with the commitment and dedication with everything you do and thank you for sharing your achievements with us.  We look forward to seeing who will be shining a light on next time.  


Henry went to independent swimming class for the first time last Wednesday.  He was scared and didn’t want to swim because it was very deep.  He was also a little worried as he didn’t know anyone.Henry swam 15 metres on his first day.  We are extremely proud of Henry – one very brave boy. 


Sienna has travelled around the country competing in freestyle dance competitions which she absolutely loves doing. During lockdown she continued to train via zoom, she couldn’t wait to get back on that dance floor and to compete again once restrictions were lifted. Since returning to competitions last summer, she has come 1st and 2nd at several competitions and has managed to move up the levels and is now an intermediate which is a fantastic achievement.She was lucky enough to dance in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom where she reached the semi-finals in her slow dance. She has just received overall improver at her dance school’s awards show and Sienna is now training hard for some big competitions coming up soon – Edinburgh Championships and Diva in Bridlington.  


Warren won the trophy and trainer of the week this Monday at football, he has come a long way at Darlington Young Bulls Football Club.  They had their first ‘big match’ on Monday ready for starting their matches in the new season. The team worked extremely hard chasing the ball and following the rules.  Warren even managed to score a goal!  He was extremely proud of himself and could not wait to show everyone his trophy.  

All contributions should be forwarded to marked with the title “Big Blue Book of Brilliance”.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Mrs Taylor  


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