Ten keys to Happier Living – Let’s spread a little happiness together!

As a school we have just purchased some resources from Action from Happiness to promote the children’s health and well-being at St George’s.  Everyone’s path to happiness is different. Based on the latest research, experts have worked out ten keys to happier living – for areas where we can take action to help us feel happier and more fulfilled.  There are as follows:

  1.  Giving
  2. Relating
  3. Exercising
  4. Awareness
  5. Truing out
  6. Direction
  7. Resilence
  8. Emotions
  9. Acceptance
  10. Meaning

We will be focusing on a different key every school day focusing on “Giving” tomorrow.  We will also be posting mindful and yoga activities that you might what to try.  All we ask is that you think like an explorer or a scientist.  Pick an activity and try it out to see what you discover. Think of it as an experiment – see what you feel and what you notice. Let’s spread a little happiness together!

We will leave you with an activity you may like to try out during the lockdown period. 

A Magical Jar

Every time you wish you could do something, go somewhere, treat yourself, see someone you love or miss very much, visit a new place, invite people to visit you, why not write it down on a post it note and put it in a jar.  If you can’t write just yet, why not get mummy or daddy to help you.  You could also write messages, letters or draw pictures for your friends so that you can give them these when lockdown is over.  When this is all over this will act as your bucket list and you can work through your magical jar and be  more grateful than ever for the little and lovely things in your life. Until then we hope you enjoy watching your jar fill up with magical things to look forward to. 

We look forward to sharing our ideas and thoughts in the coming days.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Stay well, safe and happy! xxx 


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