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Good morning all, 

Thankyou to everyone who has already downloaded the TopYa! app for their children and made an account. We have over 50 children on the app which is a fantastic response. 

There are lots of accounts that have been created but are yet to complete any challenges, what are you waiting for? Get active and climb the leaderboard!

How to access the challenges:

Once you are logged into the app, you should get the home screen with 6 options. You need to click on ‘skills’ or ‘skills academy’ this will then bring up 3 tabs at the top. ‘Featured’, ‘My Skills’ and ‘Completed’ 

You then need to click on ‘My Skills’. The challenges should then be populated and Coach Topya! should have assigned April, May and June primary challenges for you to complete. If you click into one of these, there are multiple challenges that can be done. 

For each challenge their is a description of what to do and usually a video to go with the challenge. You then need to upload a video of your child doing the challenge and the video will get reviewed and you will get some feedback from a virtual coach. Once your video has been approved, you will receive the challenge and skill points and should move you up the leaderboard.

The most recent challenge in June is skill 3 ‘Create Your Own Challenge’. Below is a video of Mr Mackenzie’s Teabag challenge that he uploaded, how creative can you be creating your own challenge? If you would like to have a go at Mr Mackenzie’s challenge, feel free to email any entries to …. you just need a teabag and a clear glass or mug.

Mr Mackenzie ‘Teabag Challenge’

Please note the app is committed to online safety and there is no communication within the app. You can request to be a fan of someone from St George’s but there is still no way to communicate with them. 

For anyone else wanting to download the app, I have attached the previous link with further information. You must remember to enter the unique code 29814 to link up with our school.

Many thanks 

PE Team

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