Topya! Leaderboard and Tees Valley Virtual School Games

Good morning all, 

We hope you are all well and keeping active!

We know Jack from year 1 is as he has shot to the top of the Topya leaderboard, well done Jack! Can anyone overtake him? Lot’s of you have already surpassed Mr Mackenzie on the leaderboard. 

If you have made an account and not yet uploaded any challenges, what are you waiting for!

This week is also the Tees Valley Virtual School Games, you can get involved at home and there are 8 challenges to complete this week! This is completely separate to TopYa and you do not need a TopYa account.

All information, instructions and videos can be found on the link below.

It is designed for children/families to enter themselves and open to adults too and we are competing for Darlington! Although there will be a school leaderboard too, we are essentially teaming up with other schools in Darlington to be the best in the Tees Valley.

There are 8 challenges across the week, Monday – Thursday.  There will be a link on the Tees Valley Sport website to upload the results. If you click on each challenge, there will be a form or link for you to upload the results.

 The form has from Year 3 but KS1 and EYFS can take part too (some of the activities might need to be adapted for EYFS) just click on ‘other’ and put the year group in.

The PDF versions of the activity cards can be accessed here and you can also access the scoring form using the QR code on the Challenge card 

Challenge 1 – Standing Long Jump

Challenge 2 – Speed Bounce

Challenge 3 – Bucket Ball

Challenge 4 – Target Battle

Challenge 5 – The Shuttle Run

Challenge 6 – The Speed Pass

Challenge 7 – Activity Challenge

Challenge 8 – Bullseye 

Get involved competing for St George’s and Darlington. 

Many Thanks 

PE Team


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