URGENT – Year 5 Bikeability Training

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Deadline for the consent form for your child to take part in this cycle training programme was 3rd December.  It is now a matter off urgency that we receive all of the consent back into school by Wednesday 12th January otherwise we will not be allocated an instructor and the course will not go ahead.  There has been a very low response rate so far.

Please could you read the information below and clink the link to complete the consent form as soon as possible.

Many thanks

St George’s Academy  


Bikeability Level 1 & 2 – What to expect

Level 1

The focus is on fun and the 2 hour lesson is delivered in an off road, traffic free setting, typically the school playground.    It will include carrying out a simple cycle safety check, basic cycle control skills and using brakes and gears and used to assess each child’s cycle control skills.

Training at all levels is outcome based and should your child not meet all the outcomes at level 1 they will not be able to proceed to level 2.

Level 2

This follows on from Level 1 and usually consists of 4 consecutive weekly lessons comprising of 1 ½ hours each.  The focus is on making short journeys on quieter roads with the emphasis on signalling, observation and riding through junctions.  It will include starting and finishing an on road journey, understanding how and when to signal, road position and observational skills. 

All riders will receive a certificate, badge and booklet at the end of training for the final level they have participated in. Individual advice will be on the reverse of the personalised certificate giving more information on the capabilities of the rider.

Level 3

Your child will have the opportunity to continue their Bikeability training in Year 7 at secondary school. An instructor will assess your child’s level of cycling and decide on the appropriate level of training required and if they are ready for level 3 training. All riders will receive a personalised certificate, badge and booklet giving further advice on the riders capabilities.

Before Training

It is very important that your child comes prepared for the training.  Every student attending should have:-

  • A properly adjusted cycle helmet which should be worn at all times when riding. (See information overleaf, and the attached sheet for further guidance)
  • Waterproof and warm clothing or cool clothing for warm weather. If it is going to be cold, and possibly wet, ensure your child has gloves, thick socks, sensible jackets etc.  The training will go ahead even inclement weather.  High visibility vests will be provided for all students.
  • Your child must have a road worthy bicycle. (See information overleaf)

If any of the above are not adhered to then training may be withdrawn.

  • Cycle Helmets
  • A cycle helmet should fit snugly all around the head.
  • It should be fitted level and not tilt backwards.
  • The straps should go around the ears and not over them.
  • It should rest a little above the eyebrows.


  • Bicycle Check


  • Fitting

 Is the saddle the correct height?  Your child should be able to touch the ground with the toes of both feet when sat in the saddle.

  • Tyres

Check to ensure the tyres are not worn or have bulges.  Make sure they are pumped up hard, as there is less chance of a puncture.

  • Wheels

Check they are fixed securely to the bike and not bent out of shape.

  • Brakes

The cycle must have front and rear brakes.  Make sure they both work and the brake pads touch the wheel and not the tyre.  Ensure all cables are not frayed or about to break.

  • Chain

Oil the chain if necessary and ensure it is not hanging off, broken or rusty.

It is very important that when your child arrives for their training their bike is in a roadworthy condition.  Our instructors carry a limited number of tools and will only carry out very minor repairs.  Priority is given to cyclist training, not adjustments and repairs. Due to covid-19 instructors must now clean cycles after touching, this further erodes training time.

BMX cycles can be used for cycle training, however they do not have gears and training can be very tiring when training at hillier training sites, as your child may need to stand up while pedalling. If a BMX cycle is the only option for your child, please make sure they have 2 working brakes and the seat is at the correct height.

Why not try cycling too?

Did you know that as a resident of Darlington you can qualify for up to 4 hours of free Bikeability training?  Why not support your child in improving their cycle training by completing some training of your own?  You may already enjoy cycling or perhaps would like to get back on your bike.  If you are interested please contact us on cycletraining@darlington.gov.uk or telephone 01325 406696.

Coronavirus update:

All training will be delivered outside and comply with the latest government and regulatory body guidelines on safe delivery protocol.

  • Instructors and riders must not take part in training if displaying symptoms of Covid
  • Instructors must take part in NHS track and trace if required. Instructors and riders must stay 2m apart
  • Instructors and riders must remain in their training bubbles for the duration of the training programme. Bubbles will be made up from existing bubbles created in school, wherever appropriate.
  • Rigorous hygiene and cleaning process are in place and must be adhered to.
  • Equipment must not be shared unless between members of the same household

The instructors will explain the measures at the start of training, any child not adhering to the rules may be withdrawn from training.



To sign your child up for training please go to:



and access the digital consent form at the bottom of the page. Please complete the level 2 consent form.

Want to help your child with training? Please look at this interactive road safety booklet and go through it with your child.





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