Single Equality and Diversity Scheme

Single Equality and Diversity Scheme

Summary and Action Plan

This document was written after consultation in 2007 then updated in 2016 in line with the single equality scheme. We have and do consult on the scheme and on what we are getting right and what we can improve, e.g. facilities for disabled children, maternity leave, children who do not speak English as their first language. Monitoring takes place for vulnerable children. We have liaised with appropriate authorities.

Ownership by Directors, staff, the school community and learners, and support from partners is essential.

This scheme sets out our school’s commitment to equality and diversity, including the school’s approach to all six Equality Strands: race, religion and belief, sexual orientation, disability, age and gender. It is to help us ensure that we focus on outcomes that matter to the community and people who use our services. It is to be used with other policies ie Anti-Bullying and Harassment, PSHCE, SRE, RE, Grievance Policies.

St George’s Academy is firmly committed to Equality and Diversity. We aim to acknowledge, welcome and celebrate the contribution of staff, parents, Directors and children, regardless of their background – those who have a religion or belief or have none; those who are disabled; men and women of all ages; those who have come from white, black, Asian and minority ethnic groups; and those who are lesbian, transgender or gay. We have a statutory obligation to promote the integration and valuing of all groups as well as responding to incidents of discrimination.


The Board of Directors accepts its responsibility to promote equality and eliminate discrimination and harassment, as outlined in the scheme and to meet the requirements of race, disability and gender equality duties.


We consult partners on how well we meet the duties set out under race, gender, disability, and religion or belief legislation and our aims in equality and diversity. We adjust our policy or form action plans based on this consultation.

Following Consultation, these actions have been taken:

  • Training opportunities for staff, governors and parents.
  • Books and resources purchased to reflect the multicultural nature of modern Britain, diversity of people’s backgrounds
  • A fixed hoist was fitted within the disabled toilet
  • Teaching about diversity and equality integrated into our curriculum.
  • Adaptions to school for disability – height adjustment wash basin
  • Computer software to allow greater accessibility to the curriculum ie Lexia, Speech and language link
  • Adaptations to allow a more deaf friendly approach to the curriculum
  • Hearing systems used to assist identified children


The Board of Directors accepts its responsibility to promote equality and eliminate discrimination and harassment, as outlined in the scheme.


If a member of the public feels that they have suffered harassment or been treated unfairly by the school because of their sex, colour, race, nationality, ethnic group, regional or national origin, age, marital status, disability, political or religious belief, sexual orientation or class, they should report this without fail through the school’s complaints procedure.

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