SMSC stands for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. At St George’s, SMSC development permeates through the curriculum and our school ethos and values. We focus on the following in each aspect of SMSC:


We explore spirituality ours and others beliefs and experiences. Within this we promote respect for faiths, feelings and values and aim for children to enjoy learning about themselves and others, as well as the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity, whilst building in the opportunity to reflect.


With regard to morality, our teaching and learning aims to develop the recognition of right and wrong; respect for the law; alongside developing an understanding of the consequences of ours and others actions. We investigate moral and ethical issued and are encourage tooffer reasoned views.


The social aspect of SMSC focuses on using a range of social skills to encourage participation in our community from a local scale through to regional, national and international. At St. George’s we learn to appreciate diverse viewpoints as well as understand the importance of participation, volunteering and cooperation which conversely helps us to take responsibility for our actions and to resolve conflict.


The appreciation of cultural influences forms the basis of the aspect of culture. This facet is promoted by participation in culture opportunities and the development of an understanding, acceptance, respect for and celebration of diversity.

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