World Science Day – Year 4

To celebrate World Science Day in Year 4 we have had a fantastic morning full of scientific enquiry! The children were very inquisitive exploring the different stations. There were different carousel activities for the children to explore. These included: electricity, sound and animals/food chains. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed making their own electrical circuits and experimenting with the equipment – lighting bulbs, sounding buzzers and getting motors to run. 

In sound section the children had lots of fun creating their own ‘telephones’ and testing these with friends! They had the opportunity to explore sound and sound vibrations with tuning forks and water. As well as, making some of their own musical instruments. 

In food chains the children successfully explored the range of animals given and created many of their own. 

Here are some pictures from this morning. 

Mrs Wallis, Mr Tunstall and Mrs Davidson 


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