Year 3: Analogue Time In Minute Intervals.

Hi Year 3’s

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, which just keeps shining.  This week we are going to focus on time in minute intervals.  The following exercises focus on reading the time so if you don’t need a printer.  The before and after exercise should be completed after the writing the time task, as it  designed to apply your understanding.

For the one exercise, in before and after, where you are asked to record the time on a clock, if you don’t have a printer or want to save ink, just record the time answer in words.  There is also a fun exercise to see how much you can do in a minute, it’s amazing how long it can seem.  I’ve included a blank clock face with time features to help you.

Year 4’s if you want to brush up your reading of time, you can complete these exercises too.

Enjoy your holidays next week.

Mrs Cavanagh


writing the time from roman numeral analogue

writing the time before and after


blank clockface with minutes annotated

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