Year 3 Curriculum Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Please see below what we will be doing in class this term.

In RE, we will focus on what is means to be a Hindu in Britain today including identification of Hindu deities and what Hindu murtis express about God with the aim to understand the Hindu beliefs and the purpose of life. We will move on to exploring what kind of world Jesus would want and study the parable of The Good Samaritan as well as looking at examples of charity work.

As Artists and Designers, we will be exploring different types of sculptures. In particular, we will studying Ancient Egypt sculptures, having a go at recreating some of our own, using mouldable materials such as clay. We will also be looking at the artist, Anthony Gormley, and his famous sculptures including the terracotta.

P.E – Children should have a full P.E kit in school ready for P.E every Tuesday. Children will be learning skills needed to participate in competitive games such as defending and attacking.

As Historians, we will be learning about Ancient Egypt and the impact the Ancient Egyptians have had on today’s civilisation through their achievements. We will be studying what life was like during this period for the different classes and statuses of the people. The children will also be finding out how it is we know so much about this period of time and building on our prior knowledge of the importance of artefacts from studying the Stone Age.

As Geographers we will be learning about the importance of rivers and the different ways they are utilised around the world, both during early civilisations and in the present. The children will be closely studying the River Nile and looking for similarities and differences when comparing local river, The River Tees.

As Scientists we will be learning about plants in Biology. The children will be finding out what it is plants need to survive and what role each specific part of a plant plays. We will also be looking at forces and magnets in Physics. The children will be testing friction through how objects move on different surfaces. 

Homework and spellings will be handed out on a Wednesday to be completed and returned by the following Tuesday. The spelling test will be on a Tuesday.



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