Year 4 – converting analogue to and from digital time 12 hour clock

Hi Year 4’s

Hope you are all enjoying the continuing sunshine.  This week we are going to focus on time and in particular digital time.  Today, we are working on the 12 hour clock and once you have worked on this and feel confident move onto the 12 to 24 hour clock exercises found on the next maths posting.  Please do the conversion work first before moving onto the exercise applying your understanding with Adam and his morning’s activities.  I’ve included a powerpoint to introduce you to the knowledge you need to work with digital time.   I know some of the work needs a printer, but if you don’t have one do not worry about it, you can create your own clock to display analogue times, which will be a good exercise for you to focus on the features of a clock face.

I have posted work for Year 3’s working on analogue time in minute intervals, feel free to brush up on your time reading by doing these exercises, if it would be useful to you.

Keep smiling and enjoy your holiday next week.

Mrs Cavanagh



converting analogue to and from digital times

digital_clock_word_problems for boys

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