Yoga Mediation Activities – 6.5.2020

Hello St George’s,

Today in Yoga we are going to focus on mediation.

Mediation Exercise 1 

Mandala Movement Meditation (Benefits – Calm and Focus)

For this activity, you and your child will create your own mandala by taking turns placing items in a circular space on the floor.  You’ll need small, colourful items that can be organised in groups, such as ribbons, buttons, scraps of colourful paper or fabric, scarves, dried beans of varying colours, sea glass or rocks.  Set up bowls of each type of item that you have collected from around the room, leaving an open space in the middle in which to create the mandala. Be sure to celebrate your collaborative creation by taking a picture.  Over time you may find you have a beautiful collection of mandala creations photos.

What to do:

  1. Start by playing quiet music to set the pace and tone.  Remember to be mindful by staying silent and moving slowly throughout the activity.
  2. Choose one object to place at the centre.
  3. Take turns choosing one item at a time from any of the bowls and placing it in the circle.  Move mindfully and silently, continue to walk in and out of the circle to place each item wherever you feel it would look best.
  4. When all materials are gone or the mandala looks complete sit in it and gaze at your creation while practicing mindful breathing for one minute.
  5. When you are ready, begin to take the mandala apart item by item in the same mindful fashion as you created it.

Mediation Exercise 2

Taste Mediation (Benefits – Focus)

Mindful eating is practiced in a relaxed way, seated position such as in a chair or in an Easy Pose, and promotes an awareness and attention to the sensations and practice of eating.  For this exercise, you will need a small food item such as a clementine segment, blueberry, M&M, raisin or goldfish cracker.  Don’t let your child know what you are giving him.  Once you’ve practiced this exercise a few times using familiar foods, move on to foods that may be less familiar.

What to do:

  1. Sit and close your eyes and hold out your palm.  Your partner will put a small object in your hand.
  2. Go ahead and touch it gently and carefully using your fingers.  Is it smooth or rough?  What is the shape?  Can you guess what it is without peeking?
  3. Now bring the item up to your nose.  Does it have a smell?  What kind?
  4. Bring it to your mouth.  Place it on your tongue and gently close your mouth.  Do not chew yet!  Think of words to describe the flavour of the object.  What about its texture on your tongue?
  5. Begin to chew slowly and mindfully.  What is the taste like? Sweet, salty, sour, spicy?
  6. Go ahead and swallow now.  Have you guessed what it is?  What did you notice about it now that you have eaten it so mindfully?

Mediation Exercise 3

Nature Walk Mediation (Benefits – Calm and Focus)

The simple act of walking is a repetitive movement that can be quite meditative.  By mindfully walking outdoors, your child will have a wide range of things to hear, touch, and smell – all awakening her senses and bringing her to a deeper awareness of, and connection with, her surroundings and her own body.

What to do:

Take a nature walk nearby or anywhere outdoors and try the following activities:

  1.  As you walk, focus on every step you take.
  2. Exaggerate and demonstrate the movements involved in taking a single step.
  3. Try experimenting with pacing, walking slower and then faster for a few minutes.
  4. Begin to look around and talk to your walking partner about the things that you see and hear.  Take time to mindfully touch and smell anything safe than interests you.

Stay safe, well and happy. xxx


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