Yoga Poses – Strike a Pose – 21.5.2020

Hello St George’s

Today we are introducing two more poses for you to strike a pose to.  We hope you enjoy trying them out.

Child’s Pose (Benefits – Calm, Restore and Stretch)

Child’s pose can serve as an opportunity to rest between more challenging poses, or it can be practical anytime for calm and focus.

What to do:

  • Kneel on the floor and sit back on your heels.
  • Bend forward to rest your forehead gently on the floor.
  • Relax your arms by your sides, psalms up.
  • Close your eyes and relax your body for several breaths.

Ball (Benefits – Balance and Strengthen)

Ball Pose massages the spine and helps build core strengthen.  To protect the spine.  Ball Pose should be practical on a carpet or a thick yoga mat.  When introducing this pose to a young child or a child with poor core strength or balance, you can support his rolls by kneeling beside him and placing one of your hands behind his upper back and the other under his knees.

What to do:

  • Start in Easy Pose.
  • Place your feet flat on the floor and wrap your arms around your knees.
  • Gently roll back like a ball and inhale.
  • Exhale and use your tummy muscles to pull yourself back up again into a sitting position.  Can you keep the ball rolling back and forth.

Enjoy.  Stay Safe and well. xxx


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